Acoustic BN6210 Review

Premier Guitar Acoustic BN6210 Ratings
Jon D’Auria from Premier Guitar has given a very favorable review for our BN6210. He notes that it “boasts big power that belies its compact package. Beyond power, the BN6210 offers tone-customization galore.”

“Unlike some other 2×10 combos in its class, the BN6210 offers a wealth of tone-tweaking tools to achieve the sound you’re after and thoughtful features for various playing situations.”

D’Auria talks in detail about the lightweight feature, the power and the note clarity of the BN6210, and he was impressed that it has highly customizable tone-shaping, stating that the “super-lo, super-hi, and notch enable switches are excellent options for quick sound shifting through the touch of a button.” His verdict reads:

“The Acoustic BN6210 is a powerful, solid combo with a wonderland of tone-shaping tools. Its sound is booming and clear, and the amp is portable and light enough to take to just about any gig.”

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