13 Boutique Guitar Companies We Love

Kathy Dickson
June 4, 2015

I’m not one to avoid big companies, especially when it comes to guitar gear. Because they’re big for a reason. Namely, they make products that a lot of people want and are willing to pay good money for.

So yes, the Fenders, Marshalls and Rolands of the world are in good standing. But what about those we might have never heard of? You know, the smaller or “boutique” companies.

While there is nothing wrong with buying from the big guys, it can be really interesting and intriguing to look at what some of the boutique guitar gear companies have to offer.

In many cases, they make high-quality products, often by hand with unique features and character that you can’t get from an assembly line. And you look, you might just find a pedal, amp or perhaps a guitar that feels right for you, that you didn’t even know existed before.

So here, I’m going to cover some of the boutique guitar gear companies that are worth a look…

3. Acoustic Amps

So yes, Acoustic makes acoustic amps, but what’s even more interesting is that they also make electric guitar and bass amps. They’ve also been around since 1967.

You’ve got to appreciate the longevity and experience backing their products.

One such product is the 120-Watt DSP with built-in digital effects, which is one of Acoustic’s most powerful electric guitar amps.

Note that you can get their amps from many of the major guitar gear retailers.

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