Acoustic B810 Bass Guitar Cabinet
Acoustic B810 Bass Guitar CabinetAcoustic B810 Bass Guitar Cabinet


800 W 8×10
Bass Guitar Enclosure

The 8×10″ speaker array is the ultimate bass cabinet configuration, and few 810's are more iconic than Acoustic's B810. The giant blue stripe is a sign that you've got a thundering, floor-rattling, earth-shaking bass sound. Pair it with the Acoustic® B600H head for a bass rig that owns any stage.

When the “conservative” power rating is 800 Watts RMS, you know that something intense is about to blast out from behind the B810's grille. Adding an on/off switchable high horn driver, the B810 roars.

Acoustic® has designed the massive B810 cabinet with features for making transportation easy. In addition to imparting a tight punch to your sound, the sealed cabinet keeps your electronics safe from tough conditions on the road or in rehearsal. The heavy duty bar handle on top of the angled rear surface, plus oversized nylon casters and a thick steel kick plate, make it simple to grab, push in and roll. Rear skid rails let you use leverage to lean and push it into most vehicles, without ever having to lift it. For those who do need to lift it, we've included spring-loaded handles on the bottom, so multiple people can easily grab onto it at once.

We've also kept the classic Acoustic® look. Nickel corners, black cloth grille, and the iconic giant blue stripe join you to a tradition of great bass players who have helped to create the Acoustic® legacy.

The heritage of Acoustic® comes through loud and clear in the B810 – the ultimate cabinet for serious bassists.


• Durable Vinyl Covering and Black Cloth Grille
• Heavy-duty tour handles and rear skid plates
• Oversized nylon casters


Power: 800 Watts Power
Speaker: 8 x 10″ Heavy-Duty Speaker high horn with on/off switch
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Inputs: Parallel Inputs – 1 x ¼” or Speakon combo, 1 x ¼”
Dimension: 52.7″H x 28.5″W x 20″D
Weight: 143 lb

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