Acoustic B100 Bass Guitar Combo
Acoustic B100 Bass Guitar ComboAcoustic B100 Bass Guitar ComboAcoustic B100 Bass Guitar ComboAcoustic B100 Bass Guitar Combo


100 W 1×15
Bass Guitar Combo

The Acoustic® B100 combo is designed for club and live applications where the sound of its 15″ bass driver will fill the room with warmth and punch. It pumps 100 Watts RMS into the internal speaker, delivering the classic Acoustic® “Pro's Tone” in a portable, powerful design.

The two bass inputs are designed to accommodate both active and passive bass instruments while the Gain and Volume controls give you complete authority over the character of your tone. Increase the Gain for some old school rock tones, or lower it and turn up the volume for great clean, classic or funk tones. The preamp includes a very natural and tube-like compression as well as a harmonically rich distortion circuit, which keeps your tone musical – even at high volume levels.

The B100 also includes a notch filter to tailor your mids and a four-band EQ that provides total control over your tone. The parallel Effects Loop allows you to use your bass effects in the signal chain, or you can use the Effect Send as a Line Out to a recording or live mixing board. The series extension speaker jack provides an output for an additional cabinet such as the Acoustic® B115 or B410.

The heritage of Acoustic® comes through loud and clear in the B100 – a seriously powerful amp for serious bassists.


• Ground Lift, Effect Loop


• B115 1×15 Bass Cabinet
• B410 4×10 Bass Cabinet


Power: 100 W @ 4 Ohms
Speaker: 15″ Heavy-Duty Speaker
Channels: 1
EQ: 4-Band EQ – Sweepable
Frequency Notch Filter Inputs: Dual Inputs (Passive & Active)
Outputs: Effects Loop, Ext. Speaker
Dimension:23.5″H x 18.75″W x 15″D
Weight: 53 lb

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