Acoustic AG60 Acoustic Guitar Combo
Acoustic AG60 Acoustic Guitar ComboAcoustic AG60 Acoustic Guitar ComboAcoustic AG60 Acoustic Guitar ComboAcoustic AG60 Acoustic Guitar ComboAcoustic AG60 Acoustic Guitar Combo


60W 2 x 8″ Coax Studio Monitor Style & Coax Tweeter
Acoustic Guitar Combo

The Acoustic AG60 is an elaborate amp in a compact package, capable of handling up to four inputs. It's perfect for performing singer/songwriters, duos or groups looking for an easy and excellent way to amplify multiple instruments and voices without having to cart around multiple pieces of gear.

The AG60 is designed to maximize projection, with its angled-up wedge shape. For warm, full frequency sound, the cabinet features two 8″ studio monitor style speakers for soft mid and low-frequency response and a coaxial tweeter for ultra-clear, sparkling high end. Channels 1 & 2 each feature two combination inputs which both accept a 1/4'” unbalanced or XLR balanced input, so you can plug in a variety of instrument/microphone combinations. Input level controls accommodate a variety of level needs, and peak indicators warn you when your signal is getting too hot. 3 band EQs with sweepable mid on each channel make it easy to get a solid instrument tone on one and clear vocal sound on the other. Also included on each channel is a selectable effects unit with 16 possible effects, including reverbs, delays and choruses. Additionally, the rear panel features an effects loop for using external effects units with or without the built-in choices. A master input gives you greater control over your tone and output when used in conjunction with the input gain knobs.

For quiet playing, we've included an 1/8″ stereo headphone jack, and for pre-recorded accompaniment, there's an 1/8″ stereo aux input. Plug in a CD or MP3 player and play along. Finally, rear panel balanced or unbalanced lines out with independent level control afford you more control when you send your signal to a live sound PA or recording console. The AG60 is a full-feature amp, with plenty of power to handle any live sound venue, and a wide array of options that will give your instrument and voice the exact care they deserve.


Power: 60W RMS
EQ Centers: -15dB/15dB @ 80Hz, sweepable 500Hz -1.2kHz & 10kHz
Channels: 2 – each with dual input 1/4″ unbalanced and XLR balanced, plus input level
Speaker: 2 x 8″ Coax Studio Monitor Style & Coax Tweeter
Dimensions: 20.8″H x 21.3″W x 15″D
Weight: 58lbs

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