Acoustic A15V Amplifier Makes Wood Sound Good

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Thousand Oaks, CA – March 2018
Combining best-in-class tone, compact size, and a well-thought-out feature set, Acoustic Amplification’s new A15V Acoustic Instrument Amp is an excellent choice for both rehearsal and performance.

With 15 watts (into 8 ohms) of clean power, a 6.5-inch full-range speaker, and a front-ported cabinet, it delivers a warm, rich, clear sound with enhanced bass frequencies that will make your acoustic-electric instrument sounds its best, while also flattering your voice or mic’d instrument.

Acoustic A15V Acoustic Instrument Amp

The A15V features an XLR mic input on Channel 1 and a 1Ž4-inch instrument input on Channel 2, each with a dedicated volume knob. The instrument channel includes three-band EQ for shaping your tone, plus a lush analog chorus with adjustable rate. A 1/8-inch aux input accepts prerecorded audio from MP3 players, smartphones, and other media players, enabling accompaniment tracks for rehearsal or performance.

Acoustic A15V Acoustic Instrument Amp

The amplifier’s wedge-shaped cabinet directs sound where you need it so you can hear the amp clearly and at lower volumes. A 1/8-inch headphone output disables the speaker for private practice or tuning. The Acoustic A15V looks as good as it sounds, thanks to its classic design, and it’s lightweight and compact, so you can easily grab ‘n’ go.

The Acoustic A15V is available at Guitar Center, Musician’s Friend, Music and Arts, and Woodwind & Brasswind.

Acoustic Amplification’s B410C 4×10 Cab Delivers Classic Bass Tone

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Thousand Oaks, CA – November 2017
From the classic festivals of the ’60s and ’70s to the evolution of high-powered bass rigs, Acoustic® Amplifiers has always been the amp musicians look to for “the pro’s tone.” Now, Acoustic brings back that classic sound with the new B410C Bass Cabinet.

Sporting the time-tested 4 x 10-inch configuration cherished by generations of bassists, the Acoustic B410C Bass Cabinet handles 400 Watts through four custom-designed traditional ferrite speakers, delivering the coveted warm, smooth sound with just the right combination of low-end punch and midrange definition. Combined with a defeat-able high-frequency horn driver, the B410C translates your tone across the entire bass spectrum with articulation and authority. Its 8-Ohm impedance rating and parallel 1/4-inch inputs make it easy to run multiple cabinets from a single amp head for a wide range of configurations.

Acoustic B410C Classic Bass Cabinet
Acoustic B410C Classic Bass Cabinet

The B410C features a rugged, tour-tough, multi-layer plywood cabinet designed to deliver powerful, solid tone and performance while reducing weight and bulk. The cabinet is equipped with heavy-duty spring-loaded side handles and castor-ready sockets for easy transport.

“This great cab harkens back to the original bass speakers that consistently delivered amazing tone for serious bassists,” remarks Brian Harsh, Acoustic product manager. “The new B410C Bass Cabinet brings back that classic powerhouse bass sound, with a modern day flavor.”

The B410C Bass Cabinet is available at a street price of $299.99 at all Guitar Center stores, from Musician’s Friend, and online at

Acoustic BN6210 Review from Premier Guitar – March 2016

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Acoustic BN6210 Review

Premier Guitar Acoustic BN6210 Ratings
Jon D’Auria from Premier Guitar has given a very favorable review for our BN6210. He notes that it “boasts big power that belies its compact package. Beyond power, the BN6210 offers tone-customization galore.”

“Unlike some other 2×10 combos in its class, the BN6210 offers a wealth of tone-tweaking tools to achieve the sound you’re after and thoughtful features for various playing situations.”

D’Auria talks in detail about the lightweight feature, the power and the note clarity of the BN6210, and he was impressed that it has highly customizable tone-shaping, stating that the “super-lo, super-hi, and notch enable switches are excellent options for quick sound shifting through the touch of a button.” His verdict reads:

“The Acoustic BN6210 is a powerful, solid combo with a wonderland of tone-shaping tools. Its sound is booming and clear, and the amp is portable and light enough to take to just about any gig.”

Click here to read the full review from Premier Guitar Magazine.

Final Report #2: Performer Magazine’s Tour Test

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by Tim Feist

Acoustic Amplification has an amazing product here. As a songwriter, this amp has everything that I could personally ever want. I have the ability to plug my guitar in, amplify my guitar, and even add effects to it.

Acoustic A40 AmpMitchell has completely hit it out of the park with the ME-1ACE; this guitar is amazing. The tone is wonderful. Picking it up and strumming that first chord is intoxicating! On top of that, it is one of the lightest acoustic guitars that I have ever held. It sounds extremely full and balanced. When I tune the guitar down to drop D, drop C, and different alternate tunings, there is not any difference whatsoever. I don’t get any fret buzz or anything.

The addition of the Fishman electronics on board is also huge. The electronics that I have had before have always been extremely bulky and in the way, so to speak. These controls on this are very hidden, yet accessible. Also, the on-board tuner is very convenient. One press of a button and all of the sound (if amplified) is completely muted and I can tune the guitar without anyone being the wiser.

However, I think the biggest compliment that I can give to Mitchell is that, in my opinion, they have produced a guitar that is absolutely affordable, yet has the tone and reliability of certain other +$1000 guitars (not to be named) right out of the box. For all of those parents looking to get their son or daughter a guitar to start learning, this has the kind of price tag to not only beg you to buy it, but will last your little one all the way from the first time they pick it up, until their very first gig.

I now move on to the Acoustic A-40. Acoustic Amplification has an amazing product here, as well. As a songwriter, this amp has everything that I could personally ever want. I have the ability to plug my guitar in, amplify my guitar, and even add effects to it. There are 20 factory presets available to me, ranging from reverbs, all the way to chorus effects, and more. There are even 20 “user” presets available to me to customize any way that I want. The options for that little something “extra” in my tone are huge!

My favorite thing about this amp, though, is the ability to plug my microphone into it. As a songwriter this is awesome! The other thing that I realized is that all of the factory and user presets can apply to my microphone as well. This means that now I can go out to ANY venue I want to, plug my Mitchell into my Acoustic A-40, and then plug my microphone in, and just go at it. I can have the natural tone of my Mitchell, and then use the Acoustic A-40 to add any of the numerous effects to my vocals, to make a very dynamic performance. Finally, as I was sitting on my couch the other night with my wife, I picked up my phone, synced it with the A-40’s Bluetooth, and hit play. I’m sure that Acoustic Amplification intended musicians to use this feature in a different way, however, as I look back, I realize how incredibly convenient and cool that this little feature is in so many different aspects.

To me, this set-up is AMAZING, for not only the person who wants to take their one man/woman show ANYWHERE, but also for the beginner who wants to cultivate their talent and passion! I think that these are extremely great instruments on their own. However, together, they make an unstoppable duo. This project has made me a true believer in not only Acoustic Amplification and Mitchell Acoustic Guitars, but the combination of both. Try it, you will not be disappointed!

Acoustic Amps A40

Final Report #1: Performer Magazine’s Tour Test

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by Jordan Davis

I was DJing the festivities, and the volume in the venue’s built in sound-system wasn’t sufficient. I switched over to the A40 using smartphones and the built-in Bluetooth functionality it gave all the bounce needed for the remainder of the night’s dancing.

When I get a new guitar I write songs on it that fit its sound. While exploring its ins and outs I hit record on SoundCloud and music is born. From that point the guitar and song are bound together. Hence my taking three different guitars to perform live on a radio show. In many cases the guitar becomes a part of the story of its songs, from backstreets to rooftops to mountaintops and beyond. And now I am starting to uncover more stories, sounds, and songs via the newest guitar in my arsenal: a Mitchell acoustic/electric in the Element Series, the ME1ACE.

Mitchell Guitars ME1ACEThe Venetian cutaway in the body is great for soloing up higher and for capo play. The built-in tuner and volume controls are a dream compared to other options for tuning right before a show. Turning on the LED tuner (by Fishman) automatically stops the output into the amp. Recently I performed at a wedding, and was actually able to fine-tune a bit during the ceremony between the entrance and exit music I played without disrupting anything.

The sound is clear and bright, and I have enjoyed some alternate tunings thus far. The solid spruce top adds some nice reverberation for rhythm parts. I adjusted the truss rod a bit to eliminate some of the buzz, and will work with a specialist to get the action where I would like it. One more needed adjustment is a quick file on the frets poking out on the bottom of the neck, as they can snag on things mid-song. But overall, no biggie.

The A40 from Acoustic Amplification accompanying the guitar in the tour test package goes well with the Mitchell Element, and I love its power and clarity. After performing with the pair at the wedding I mentioned, I was DJing the festivities, and the volume in the venue’s built in sound-system wasn’t sufficient. I switched over to the A40 using smartphones and the built-in Bluetooth functionality it gave all the bounce needed for the remainder of the night’s dancing.

Mitchell Guitars ME1ACEThe dual-channel, and versatility with accepting a standard mic input or a quarter-inch cable are great functionality, but there’s just one caveat in that the variety of built-in effects available will apply to both channels. The Bluetooth integration is something I will continue to rely on heavily. It is just for playback, rather than for controlling the effects, but is very handy. I also enjoyed the feedback prevention technology, and the shape of the amp with its and control accessibility and upward projection.

The wedding was the easiest gig I have ever done in terms of preparation and logistics. The guitar is incredibly light and easy to handle, and the amp is compact, easy to control, and powerful. These two quality items go together nicely. Thanks again, Performer Magazine, Mitchell Guitars, and Acoustic Amplification for the chance to tour test them!

Performer Magazine Announces Tour Test Winners

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Performer Magazine have announced the winner of their recent “Tour Test” competition, and they have each received an A40 amp from Acoustic and a Mitchell ME1ACE acoustic electric guitar. Over the next few weeks, they will have the chance to play with their new gear in a variety of settings and report back with a review of their honest opinions. Below are two videos showing the first impressions of both of the winners. Further updates will follow as we get them.

Acoustic Introduces Class-D and Neo Series

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Lightweight Bass Amps Deliver Uncompromising Tone

Westlake Village, CA – October 2015Acoustic Class-D / Neo Series
Acoustic® Amplifiers’ new Class-D/Neo Series bass amps and cabinets are amazingly lightweight and portable yet deliver the classic “pro’s tone” for which Acoustic is famous. The striking new heads, cabinets, and combo amps are 40 percent lighter than previous models without compromising tone, thanks to compact, yet powerful Class-D amplification and neodymium drivers. You also get all of the features professional bassists need, regardless of style or genre. The series includes three amp heads, four speaker cabinets, and three combo amps.

Bass Amplifier Heads

Ideal for rehearsal, practice and most club stages, the B300HD bass head features 5-band rotary EQ and a 300-watt Class-D power section housed in a sleek, ergonomic chassis. It weighs only 6.6 pounds and can fit easily into most gig-bag pouches.
Providing the perfect balance of power and portability for the gigging musician, the 7.2-pound B600HD bass head is Acoustic’s new go-to traveling bass amp head. It provides a 6-band edge-lit graphic EQ and delivers 600 watts of Class-D power.
For bassists who want all the power they can get, the B1000HD bass head goes all out with 1,000 watts of Class-D amplification. It also sports an 8-band, edge-lit graphic EQ for detailed tone control. Yet this muscular amp weighs in at only 8.2 lbs.
Acoustic Class-D / Neo SeriesAll Class-D Series bass amplifier heads feature a footswitchable, blendable overdrive circuit that lets you combine the overdrive and clean sounds; Acousti-Comp™ compression to even out your dynamic range; a notch filter with frequency control; an effects loop; a full-featured direct out with ground lift and level control (XLR balanced for live and studio use); ¼-inch and locking-barrel speaker outputs; super Hi and Lo EQ boost; a 1/8-inch headphone jack; and an 1/8-inch aux input.

Bass Cabinets

All four Neo Series bass cabinets feature custom-design neodymium speakers, enabling them to deliver outstanding tone while weighing 40 percent less than ceramic-magnet speakers. All handle impressive power into 8 ohm loads.
Perfect for rehearsals, practice and smaller clubs, the BN112 cabinet features a powerful 1×12-inch speaker, rear-facing ports, and can handle 400 watts RMS. For more earth-shaking roar, the BN115 cabinet’s single 15-inch speaker and front-facing shelf port provide extra low end and handles 500 watts RMS. The BN210 cabinet offers a great combination of tone and portability, with twin 10-inch speakers, multiple rear ports, and 600 watts RMS power handling. If you want to move as much air as possible and fill the venue all the way to the rear, go for the BN410 cabinet, with four 10-inch neodymium speakers that handle 800 watts RMS and a front-facing shelf port for supreme low end response.
These killer cabs deliver the features pros need, including a high-frequency horn with Defeat switch, and dual, 1/4-inch (parallel), single locking-barrel inputs. Design touches like plywood construction and spring-loaded handles make them seriously roadworthy.

Bass Combo Amps

Acoustic Class-D / Neo SeriesEquipped with custom neodymium speakers that are 40 percent lighter than ceramic-magnet versions and powerful yet lightweight Class-D power amplifiers, the new combo amps give you the ultimate combination of power, performance, and portability. With plywood construction and spring-loaded handles, they’re ready to go wherever your music takes you.
For articulate low-end tone in a super-compact footprint, look no farther than the BN3112 300-watt bass combo, with one 12-inch speaker. At only 21x16x13 inches and 40 pounds, transporting it is no sweat. Need more gut-kicking low end? Go for the BN3115, which slams 300 watts RMS into a 15-inch speaker. If that’s not enough power for you, check out the B6210, which slams 600 watts into two 10-inch speakers, hitting a sweet balance of power and portability-yet this portable powerhouse weights only 59.7 pounds.
All Class-D/Neo Series bass combos include both Drive and Clean channels (footswitchable); Acousti-Comp™ compression; a notch filter with frequency control; an effects loop; a full-featured direct out with ground lift; super Hi and Lo EQ boost; a 1/8-inch headphone jack; and an 1/8-inch aux input. The BN3112 has a rear-facing port and 5-band rotary EQ, while the BN3115 has a front-facing shelf port and 5-band rotary EQ. The BN6210 employs a front-facing shelf port and gives you 6-band, edge-lit graphic EQ.
Acoustic Class-D/Neo Series bass amps, cabinets, and combos are available immediately. U.S. street prices range from: amp heads $349.99 to $699.99; cabinets $399.99 to $699.99; and combo amps $499,99 to $749.99.

Acoustic Named as a Favorite Boutique Guitar Gear Company by

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13 Boutique Guitar Companies We Love

Kathy Dickson
June 4, 2015

I’m not one to avoid big companies, especially when it comes to guitar gear. Because they’re big for a reason. Namely, they make products that a lot of people want and are willing to pay good money for.

So yes, the Fenders, Marshalls and Rolands of the world are in good standing. But what about those we might have never heard of? You know, the smaller or “boutique” companies.

While there is nothing wrong with buying from the big guys, it can be really interesting and intriguing to look at what some of the boutique guitar gear companies have to offer.

In many cases, they make high-quality products, often by hand with unique features and character that you can’t get from an assembly line. And you look, you might just find a pedal, amp or perhaps a guitar that feels right for you, that you didn’t even know existed before.

So here, I’m going to cover some of the boutique guitar gear companies that are worth a look…

3. Acoustic Amps

So yes, Acoustic makes acoustic amps, but what’s even more interesting is that they also make electric guitar and bass amps. They’ve also been around since 1967.

You’ve got to appreciate the longevity and experience backing their products.

One such product is the 120-Watt DSP with built-in digital effects, which is one of Acoustic’s most powerful electric guitar amps.

Note that you can get their amps from many of the major guitar gear retailers.

Click here to read the article in full.

Acoustic A20 Review from Premier Guitar April 2015

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Acoustic A20 Review

Acoustic A20 Premier Guitar Ratings

Charles Saufley from Premier Guitar has reviewed the Acoustic A20 and, as you can see from the ratings to the right of this page, it has been rated very well across the board.

“That it often feels truly musical, organic, and full beyond the boxy, teetering-on-the-verge-of-feedback constraints typical of the breed will be a cause for minor celebration among cash-strapped cafe performers everywhere.”

In his review, Saufley talks about the improved projection that comes with the design, the robust and colorful low-end output, the A20s good feedback resistance, and its onboard effects. In his final verdict, he states:

“Impeccable acoustic amplification is never inexpensive, but it’s hard to imagine a better deal than the Acoustic A20.”

Click here to read the full review from Premier Guitar Magazine.